Video Creation & Promotion


Do you have a story to tell? Let's create a video about it!


We tell your story the way you want to, but our objective is to create a short, people friendly clip that creates a long term impact on the viewer.

Video SEO is more than a buzzword; it’s a way of optimizing content in order to increase organic search results. Without the right kind of SEO, the best video content in the world just sits there. At Klyia Technology, we know SEO inside and out, and we know enough to get results the right way. No clickbait, no Black Hat, just honest, organic SEO video marketing services and YouTube optimization that brings the organic results needed to grow a channel. With Klyia Technology, you have an experienced video marketing agency at your fingertips, ready to help your channel get the viewership it deserves.

Video is the best way to get people’s attention and get your message across. It enables businesses and people to reach, engage and connect with their audience. Our video production services are focused on driving results for your business, by delivering a compelling message to your audience.

Why Businesses Need Video SEO!

Do you want to have the videos that everyone remembers? SEO for video is a specialized branch of SEO that applies specifically to the second largest search engine in the world – YouTube! Google – the largest search engine – owns YouTube. So, having video SEO for your content makes a lot of sense and makes a big difference in your hits, viewership, and even in subscriber numbers. If you are monetizing your content, or just showcasing your business, products, or services, then an experienced White Hat video optimizer will not only help your numbers but make video a part of your brand.

Benefits of Video Production Management

Stand out of the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

Gets Recognized

Get the best out of the video animation services that you can get in Bhilai, Chattisgarh and increase your impressions and reach.

Makes your Employees Proud

Employees who work for strongly braded companies are proud and have more satisfaction from their jobs. This pushes them to work harder and take the brand to greater heights.

Make interesting product explainer videos

A brand that spends on video content creation becomes a well recognised big brand in their target audience mind.

Builds Trust

Branding gives you a professional appearance that builds trust and creates the impression of being an industry expert.

Generates New Leads with video ads

Good videos creates a positive impression and makes people want to interact with you and leads to referral business.

Supports Marketing

Branding makes your advertisement campaigns more appealing and cohesive. This leads to an increase in ROI.

Keeps Customers Loyal with How to use explainer video for your product

How to use video will help customers stay loyal to you and result in repeat purchases

Protects Your Work

Branding protects your products and services form being misused and copied by the competition.

Our Video Creation And Promotion Process

Plan & Set Goals

What is the goal or purpose of your video? Where is it going to live? Who do you want to reach? We work with you to understand your objectives in order to tailor a script and end-result that will resonate with your audience.

Script & Storyboard

After understanding your objectives and your audience, we craft the right message to reach and influence them. What will make them “tic"? What joys, dreams frustrations or pain points can we address?

Film & Edit

This is where everything comes to life. Our team takes care of filming, creating and editing all the footage needed to create a complete and compelling video that will reach your desired objective.

Publish & Promote

What’s a great video if no one sees it? We help you publish and promote your video on the best platforms to maximize your investment, your reach and the attention of your key audience.


Leading Video Creation And Promotion Company in Bhilai, Chattisgarh

We at Klyia Technology have made a number of corporate films for the biggest companies in the world for myriad of reasons. For some it’s about branding whilst others use it for internal communication yet whatever the reason they all have one main criteria, it should be a great, unique video. Well we are here to tell you how to make a great quality video. This article covers the basics from a non-technical point of view; we’ll bring out more articles on the technical requirements later from cinematography to editing. So let’s get started.