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Born travelers find any reason to travel anywhere at anytime! Be it beautiful spring or chilling winters, and you see people browsing thousands of tour & traveling websites to plan their tour. Exciting tour packages and exotic locations in pleasant weather speed up this online hunt for a tour & traveling website which can plan their complete trip in a matter of minutes. If you are aware of this, then you must be in the process of setting up your business in tour & travels. Once you are all done with arrangements for business, your next step is to get found. With thousands of websites dealing in tour & travels are aggressively dominating each other to reach the target audience first.

With our tour and travel website designing service, get found, increase your online sales and upgrade your business in one go. After analyzing the online competition, we work real hard with strategies to develop your tourism website with all the functionalities and features to give your user a better experience. As a leading tour and travel website design company in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, our team ensures that your website is designed & developed effectively in terms of presentation, clarity and simplified process of search, bookings, payments etc.

Launch your travel industry website with Klyia Technology you can rely upon

Klyia Technology is one of the fast growing Website Development Company in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh specializes in developing custom software and website for various organizations and business. We provide exciting Tours Travel Software which offers customized vacations and tour packages to worldwide Destinations.

Our Tours Travel site offers user friendly interface to book your holiday packages at ease.We keep you up to date regarding the latest offers and services.

Klyia Technology is a Software and Website Development designing company which develop new and customized Tour travels software for clients both international and national level.

Our Travel site is integrated with the latest technologies and trends to attract local as well as foreign customers.

Why Travel Companies needs a Website?

competition in the travel and leisure industry is now at its peak, due to the emergence of the low-cost carriers and budget hotels. Effective travel web site design and online marketing strategies for travel website are going to become more critical especially for the medium and small travel businesses.

Now these days travel industries booming very rapidly so Your Travel website makes you the link between travelers and travel suppliers. We can put your travel business on the internet effectively, efficiently, and at an affordable price.

Give your visitors content-rich websites complete with thousands of pages of travel information. if you belong to travel industries then you required an attractive travel business website for attracting new visitors and viewers for your business.

Some of the main features of our tours and travel website design

Mobile responsive travel website design:-

The layout and content of the website are easily adaptable according to the mobile size. Our services facilitate the customers as the website automatically changes to fit onto the device on which it is being presented. The pages can be perfectly rendered on the variety of screen sizes thus gives an optimal viewing experience for users.

Tour booking system facility:-

The facility of reservation management is also included in the website to accept the bookings online which can be well-managed. The efficiency of the operations can be increased by the manageable booking system. The automated system of online tour booking is of great advantage which reduce cost, time, efforts.

SMS Gateway integration:-

 Message sending is facilitated by the use of SMS gateway integration. No login credentials are required again and again. The security level is enforced within the gateway and enables instant bookings on the tourism website within less time.

Vacation package system:-

The vacation package system helps customers to know about the estimated cost for the whole package of the tour. The system has a mobile responsive layout with a feasible cost. Vacation package system has an admin panel system for managing content and pages of the website.

Travel portal integration:-

This offers the facility of one-stop solutions for travel-related services or bookings for flights, hotels with the hi-tech IT support. All the related activities of bookings are carried out with smart and full- functional managed services by the IT team. All the information related to tour is well organized in the tour portal.

Travel guide integration:-

The tourism website describes information about a place designed for the use of visitors or tourists. This service provides assistance to individuals by making the tours organized and adds more significance in tourism by detailed shopping information and other attractions.

Hotels Availability information:-

The tourism website reduce the headache for their visitors by offering information regarding hotels availablity. Our website helps to locate the visitors with useful information about all the nearby hotels at affordable pricing. Hotels well-equipped with different amenities is described with its advantages.

Restaurants information:-

As different people search for the places to eat while traveling on some road, our website offers the online ordering option for the food order. All the nearby restaurants can be easily searched by the team in a short time only. Restaurants information along with their information and charges are described.

Latest Travel Portal Website Developed with Trending Technologies

Without a blend of emerging latest technologies, a website can not prove its importance. The implementation of such technologies is transforming the tours & travel industry to a wider level.

These technologies give all possible benefits to customers by adding various functionalities that resolve the issues instantly.

A simple message communication application that simulates the conversation. Chatbots are being used on the tourism website that acts as a tour guide. Chatbots help to receive maximum customer engagement. To the visitor’s questions, more flexible responses are offered using chatbots having artificial intelligence. Chatbot applications are extremely useful as instantly data can be accessed at ease.


Blockchain technology is used for the tourism website as the technology allows the distribution of information and not copying of information. The data stored in blocks are useful for people accessing the information. The technology ensures safe transactions being done online and thereby prevent unauthorized use. All the luggage of the visitor can be tracked easily using the relevant technology.

Artificial intelligence:-

To make the machines intelligent and smarter, artificial intelligence plays a key role. The technology assists visitors online by various facilities. Valuable information is availed to the visitors by AI-based technology used in tourism website that reduces time and cost. Ai is transforming the tourism industry in many ways. The tasks are performed in real-time with the elimination of errors. Ai increase the travel website ROI and offer automated traveling solutions


Augmented reality and virtual reality generates interactive experience through real-world experience. The information about tourism is visually manipulated and presented to users as virtual reality. The technologies create the 3D environment and bring the virtual objects into the surrounding environment.

Why Choose Klyia Technology

Leading Tours & Travels Website Design Company in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

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