SERP Ranking

When you’ve breezed through your search engine optimization (SEO) basics, it’s time to take your SEO knowledge to the next level. Keep reading to discover SEO tips you might have never heard before with Klyia Technology but that will get your website to Google’s top spot.

What is SERP Ranking?

The SEO Guide from Higher Visibility details the key pointers any SEO marketer should remember.

SEO is the process of increasing a website’s organic ranking in a search engine’s search results page (SERP) for the purpose of increasing web traffic.

The higher a website ranks in SERP, the more likely people visit that website. “Organic ” search results refer to search results that aren’t paid advertisements.

Ranking high on SERP requires the utilization of several techniques, some of which are well-spread in the marketing world today. These strategies include identifying and using the right keywords; crafting eye-catching headlines; and linking to pages within your website and to sites that search engines deem as “trustworthy.”

These techniques are crucial to ranking on Google or Yahoo, but if every other business is doing them, too, then how will your brand stand out? Check out these unusual tips to propel your site to the number 1 spot on your favorite search engine

How to Improve SEO Ranking?

1. Write for people, not for bots.

This practice goes against the very purpose of SEO: helping people identify the websites and web pages that will provide them with the most informative and well-written content on a topic. The second reason you should invest in good writers is that search engines won’t rank you anyway if you don’t. Maybe keyword stuffing worked five years ago, but search engines have become smarter. They can identify duplicate content and badly-written articles. If you’re going to venture into content production, might as well do it right.

2. Compress your images

Site speed is important to a brand’s SEO efforts. Slow websites discourage visitors from browsing—if they even stay long enough to see the site landing page. There are several ways to increase a website’s speed, such as upgrading your website hosting package and limiting the use of videos and effects on your pages. However, one often-overlooked technique is compressing images. Logos, for instance, often don’t occupy more than a few hundred pixels on your site. If you upload a photo that’s 1000 x 1000 pixels, the server loads that whole image, even if the site displays only a fraction of that size.

3. Skip the pop-up ads

Pop-up advertisements that invite visitors to join mailing lists or avail a product sale are not only annoying; they also impede on your SEO efforts. Google at the beginning of January 2017 said that, web pages might not rank as high as they should if their information is not immediately accessible to visitors. This declaration points squarely at pop-up ads which cover most, if not the whole, web page on the first visit. Worse are the pop-up ads whose close buttons are hidden or made difficult to find.

There are other ways of alerting visitors about your awesome whitepaper or crazy sale. Here are just some of them- Use a banner, Place call-to-actions strategically, Use in-text hyperlinks.

“SEO isn’t just about ranking on Google; it’s really about bringing the best experience to your customers."

Optimize For All Search Engine Features to Reach a Wider Audience

Develop content to improve your ranking position and dominate every Google SERP feature when you optimize where you and your competitors rank in every SERP feature from Google News to the Knowledge Graph and Product Ads. 

YouTube SEO Rankings

See how a video title, video description, target keyword and other video ranking factors impact first page video SEO. Leverage data like video rankings, video views of your YouTube channel and related videos, your YouTube ranking and YouTube search data to increase views, inspire new video content and expand brand value to the customer with YouTube videos that drive video marketing conversions.

Featured Snippets

The position “zero” Google Answer Box featured snippet appears in nearly 20% of all search queries. Locate opportunities to capture this knowledge panel spot and be the one answer to your customer’s search and voice queries.

Local Map Pack

Own local directories, boost your Google My Business local rank and drive visits from potential customers with a top three local business listing in Google’s search rankings.  Understand the impact of keyword rankings on listing sites, local business directories, and review sites by geo-location to enhance your social media and local marketing efforts.

PPC / Paid Search

Enhance your PPC investment and search query position on the SERP with a special integration feature that helps you understand the relationship between PPC and organic search results for related questions and searches.

Job Rankings

Find great talent by optimizing your job listings within Google Jobs and on the SERP to reach prospective employees within the Google Jobs engine while gaining a deeper understanding of how they search and what queries are best to reach them.

Product Listing Ads

Understand keywords with high buying intent and that produce SERP results based on star ratings from online reviews and shopping ads to improve your product placement, page ranking and local listings position.

App Store Optimization

Drive app downloads when you enhance your app’s visibility within the mobile search results from mobile devices. Gain insights to optimize your app listing within Google search features. 

Google Images Optimization

Strengthen your keyword performance and increase your Google SERP search visibility with image rank tracking and put published, optimized images images in front of the right audience for all Google searches that trigger the Google Images search feature.  

Maximize Content Optimization with Universal Ranking from the SERP:

  • Capture the “Zero” position of Featured Snippets
  • Track local ranking data and its impact on SEO rank and Google Rankings
  • Boost conversion via YouTube video optimization
  • Drive app downloads and adoption to your target audience
  • Leverage images to enhance brand awareness
  • Integrate PPC results and see the value of your organic results
  • Increase shopping page results for more conversions
  • Make every SERP feature contribute to your content strategy

How Klyia Technology The Best SERP Checker?

Find Out How Your Website Ranks

Want to know how your website fares compared to the competition? Klyia Technology is ideal for checking your website’s competitive performance on a keyword-by-keyword basis. Just type your domain name and check your organic position on any search engine result page. For more detail, compare multiple keywords at once.

Multiple Languages & Locations

One of the wonders of the Internet is that your users can come from literally any part of the world. It’s crucial to locate the best markets for your keywords. Our SERP keyword checker lets you discover which parts of the globe respond best and worst to your keywords so you can plan your strategy accordingly. It’s like our free SERP checker multiplied by 10,000.

Track, Analyze & Monitor Your Keywords

Klyia Technology tracks dozens, even hundreds of keywords across multiple projects in all your locales. You’ll get a comprehensive view of your entire marketing campaign or drill down to track the performance of specific sites and keywords. With Klyia Technology, you are in control.

Metrics at a Glance

Learn everything you need to know just by taking a short glance at our software. Our Google ranking tool is built in the simplest manner possible, enabling you to gather all the necessary insights by just taking a glance at the software. Forget about spammy notifications, since you can customize our free SERP checker and decide for yourself which ones you would like to receive.

Targeted Reports

Time is irrecoverable resource, so it’s meaningless to waste it on reports that need hours of sifting through, just to find that one piece of data you need. Our tool enables you to filter all the unnecessary reports and focus your attention on the most relevant results, thus saving you time.

Accurate SEO Rank Tracking Thanks to “SERP Features”

Knowing the position of your keywords is just the start. Our page rank checker also lets you track keywords across various markets and geolocations as well as providing you with relevant Featured Snippets and Answer Boxes. That way, instead of just tracking keywords, you can plan your entire SEO strategy.


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