SEO Training

On an average it is estimated that 340 million people use search engines to find products and services every day and hence most of the businesses possess an internet site to market their products and services. With a proper SEO training you can build a more successful business and much higher web traffic towards your site. To meet today’s cut throat competitive market, the rivalry amongst various websites of different firms (to rank high in the search engine results) has strengthen forsaking those that are ill-informed of the right, if not, the most effective search engine optimization techniques of an SEO company.

What is SEO?

SEO is the method of getting organic traffic from major Search Engines like Google Yahoo Bing. To elaborate further, it is a method to gain free traffic from Search engine results on targeted keywords by optimizing your web pages as per the guidelines of Search Engines. It is non paid method of getting traffic / Visitors to your website. SEO is done to rank as high as possible in the Search Engines on targeted keywords so that we get maximum visitors. 

Classification of SEO:
  • On Page
  • Off Page

On Page SEO Training is what you do on the website for SEO Optimization and Off page seo Training is what you do on other websites which include linking with other websites.

  • Keyword Search Tools – These Tools help you to Find good Keywords for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Traffic Analysis Tools – Helps you to analyze current traffic and sources and conversions paths to make important on page optimization decisions. Learning SEO Tools is very important aspect of SEO Training
  • Rank Check Tools –  Help you to quickly fetch ranking data of your website. Keyword Rankings dropped or moved up the search ladder.
Why do we even have to learn and follow these SEO Jargons ?

People around the world search for thousands of products and Services through Google Search landing on Service providers websites. Thousands of Business Owners and companies run these websites to connect with clients looking for those services.

Now HOW and WHO would get more clients ?

These companies or Business owners must do Search engine Optimization of there websites to show up in top 10 Results of Google Search Results. So either you have to learn SEO Course or Hire SEO Specialist who can help you rank in top results of Google and other Search Engines.

Become SEO Expert as per Google guidelines​

  • Our SEO Training content is created according to Guidelines of Google Webmaster
  • You will learn the core search engine optimization technique to get quick rankings for any website.
  • Our SEO training programs include advance on page off page analytical strategies.
  • You will learn how to rank a website in a month.
  • You’ll learn website management & Installation from perspective of Search Engine Optimization.
  • You’ll be able to increase traffic on any website.
  • Our Seo Training in Bhilai, Chattisgarh is 1st Choice for Digital Agencies and professionals for advance Training

SEO Training for Beginners

A layman can start Learning SEO and gain expertise within a month of Live SEO Training Projects. Though we take you through some basic concepts of tags in html, however today’s new generation web development platforms have made it more easier. Klyia Technology SEO Training team has designed the course so well that you will gain results and get hold of it within 30 days of SEO Training.

SEO Training for Professionals

We are undoubtly the best seo institute for advance seo training program for Professionals. Klyia Technology has always bee the first choice for SEO professionals and corporates for its core expertise in training company professionals. We make you work real time advance level SEO projects with core seo technical analysis. This helps you to achieve success in most competitive seo projects.  SEO is also a great option for those looking for a change in there career. Special attention is given to professionals who come along with a personal SEO projects.

SEO Training Course Content

Search Engine Basics

– What is SEO
– Introduction to SERP
– What are Search Engines
– How Search Engines Works
– Google Search Engine Architecture
– Search Engine Algorithms
– Google Algorithm Updates
– Page Rank Technology
– Google operator to find anything

Keywords Research and Analysis

– What are keywords
– Different Types of Keywords
– Keyword Research Methodology
– Keywords Analysis Tools
– Google Adwords Keyword Tool
– Competition Analysis
– Finding the good keywords
– Localized Keywords Research

On PAGE Optimization

– Domain Names and age factor in SEO
– Keyword Optimization
– Content Optimization and Planning
– Internal pages linking
– Social media share plugins
– Title Tag Optimization
– Meta Tags Creation
– Image Tag Optimization
– Anchor Links Optimization
– Google webmaster tool and website varification
– Iframes / Frames affect on SEO
– Sitemap creation and submission to google
– URL Rewrite Techniques
– Using Robot.txt
– Malware Removal Guidelines
– FTP uses to upload website data

Off PAGE Optimization

– What is Domain Authority
– Method to increase Domain Authority
– What is Page Rank
– How to increase page rank
– What are Back links
– Types of Back links
– What is link Building
– Types of Link Building
– Do’s and Dont’s of Link Building
– Types of Contents
– Infographic, Lists, How-to guides etc
– Importance of Content Marketing

SEO Tools

– Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Placement
– Top tools for SEO
– Monitoring SEO Process
– Preparing SEO Reports
– How to create SEO strategy for your business
– WordPress famos SEO plugins
– What is link Juice ?
– What is Domain Authority
– What is Page Authority

SMO(Social Media Optimization)

– Social Bookmarking on Stumble Upon,Reditt and lots
– Creating facebook business page ,twitter account,linkedIn account
– Video optimization on youtube ,Meta Cafe
– Press Release Submission
– Article Submissions
– Blog Commenting
– Using Blogs for SEO
– Forum Signatures and Commenting
– Blog Commenting
– Blog Post Updating

SEO Tools
– What is Local SEO
– Google Business Places ,Map
– NAP (Name Address Place )
– Local Reviews
– Local On-Page SEO Factors
– Classified Submission
Google Algorithm

– What is Google Panda Algorithm
– What is Google Penguin
– What is Google EMD update
– How to save our site from Google Panda, Penguin, EMD updates
– How to recover our site from Google Panda, Penguin,EMD updates

Google Adwords overview

– Understanding Adwords Algorithm
– Creating Adword Campaign

Google Analytics

– Introduction to Google Analytics
– How Google Analytics Works
– Using Google Analytics for our Website

Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

– What is Email Marketing
– How to do Bulk Emailing
– Best practices to send bulk emails
– Trics to land in Inbox instead of Spam Folder
– What is Affiliate Marketing
– Different ways to do Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense

– What is Google Adsense
– How to get approval for Adsense
– Placing ads on our website
– What Do’s and Dont’s in Adsense

Klyia Technology

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We are Best SEO Training institute in Bhilai, Chattisgarh also offering Digital Marketing training. Being a SEO Training institute we have got built in excess of 1000s regarding SEO professional across the country. Join people for WEB OPTIMIZATION training, SEO tactics pertaining to Bhilai Chattisgarh .SEO Learning offer particular training along with practical expertise and tutorials. To become a region of any of those tutorials register after it is possible to for they will sometimes can be obtained restricted seats availability to discover a wide range of regarding WEB OPTIMIZATION services. Seminars such as this can surely become a pleasant activity to suit your needs if you love it learning and sharing insights with somebody really category. It will also provide people with comprehensive guidelines to any or all the techniques inside the fastest achievable manner.