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Give the gift of delicious dining experiences to your target audience with the help of Klyia Technology!

We love appreciating and will take any opportunity to do so. If you already have a unique space picked out from all of competitors, then it’s our pleasure host to host you. If you gives importance to that, then we also gives same importance to that and we’ll strive to make it perfect.

A best restaurant website should always entice the viewer which is even not visited to their restaurant yet. The good restaurant website always sells the services with as much as the menu, with promises of a professional surrounding, friendly waiter and staff, and a cleaned and well accessible dining area. If you want make a smart restaurant website visit Klyia Technology at least once.

Hotel & Restaurant Website Design and Development Company’s performance is as effective, impressive and attractive. The website performance depend on how the server is setup, how the website is programmed and exactly which information is being delivered to the potential customer. We ensure that our program are quickly loadable and fast accessing, 100% responsiveness, and has low cost.

Challenges with Hotel Web Design?

Hotel Web Design need to be extra-ordinary while creating a lasting impression. However, very few Hotel Website Design Companies are able to achieve this. Some of the key challenges that Hotel web Designs faces are

Missing visual appeal
Not SEO-friendly
Poor Navigation
Lacking latest features

How We Can Help?

We have delivered hundreds of hospitality website design projects till date. We exactly know what it takes to create a Hotel Website that will activate the taste-buds of your audiences. Our solutions contain

Great Designs
Responsive and SEO-Friendly structure
Loaded with all the essential features
Powerful UX/UI

Restaurant Website Design & SEO Services

Why Hospitality Website Design Is Important

Nowadays, nearly everyone uses internet to look for restaurants whenever they want a new place to eat or for accommodation.

In case your restaurant has no website then you may lose ample of business, or even if you have website but that does not have appealing Design or that isn’t Responsive that is Mobile Device Compatible or easy to found online in the search results then you are losing a lot more business.

Also, if your Website is unable to feature well designed user friendly interference including menu, booking information, photos, pricing and other important information then your potential clients will tend to move on to other website and will dine at another restaurant.

Therefore in today’s Digital World its very important to have interactive, User Friendly and Search Engine Friendly website for any business and so, Klyia Technology is here to help you to get Responsive Website for your Restaurant.

Benefits of Hotel Web Design with Klyia Technology

Klyia Technology has mastered the art of Hotel Website Development. Each of our solutions stand stupendous and unique. The major benefits of partnering with us are:
Custom creative designs for creating your brand identity

We create designs that reflect your specialty and help you stand out. They are one of the kind and exclusive. Your Website will speak for itself candidly and with a bang.

Better rankings on search engines, better the results

Every online business wants to come up on the search results organically. That calls for a website structure that is SEO-friendly with and search engine compatible URL.

Responsive design

Solutions that are one size fits all devices is very essential these days. Hotel website designs created by us are equally responsive for all desktops, small-screen netbooks, tabs and smartphones.

Applications for mobile

World is running on smartphones today. We can readily develop mobile application for your hospitality business that will increase your reach and help you.

Restaurant Website Design & Development Services

Website Modernization
Looking to revamp your old website? Our professional web development experts’ help you get the website that integrate custom online ordering system and direct to POS system ordering. With us, you will get the website that looks great, function well and is poised for traffic.
Custom Web Development
We offer custom web development services, which are crafted specifically for each and every we work with, as no restaurants are same. Whether you are just getting started in the restaurant industry and need to get online or have an existing website that needs overhaul, we can help you achieve.
Website Maintenance
Website Maintenance is crucial to make sure that your website is getting consistent traffic and capturing quality leads. We make sure that your website is free of bugs and errors and consistently getting updated. We also keep checking for the website speed to make sure your rankings are not affected.
Website SEO
We not only ensure that your website design is SEO-friendly, but also provide you with SEO services for your restaurant website. We make sure that your website is getting ranked on the top of search engine result pages and is also getting listed on all the local directories.
Website Marketing
We offer comprehensive marketing services for your restaurant website, which covers everything right from SEO to content marketing, social media promotions, paid marketing, boosting the website appearance on local business listing sites, getting positive reviews and more.
Responsive Design
For the restaurateur, it is crucial that website encourage patrons to actually visit the restaurant. While website designing our main focus is to showcase every quality of the restaurants to make it easy for the customers to find the necessary information, with our website design, we will make sure that you achieve this.


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We Klyia Technology Leading Restaurant and Hotel Website Design Company in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich website designs and mobile applications as well as the digital marketing programs that drive business growth. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Every client, regardless of the size or scope of project, can expect nothing but the best designs, customer service and professionalism from the experienced, dedicated and marketing savvy staff at Klyia Techhnology.