Multi Lingual SEO Marketing

What is Multi Lingual SEO?

A Linguistic SEO enables use of localised keywords that are oriented to increase search engine volume and your website is sure to attract more web traffic in an uncluttered environment.

Give us your source language website content. We will review the same and translate in the target language. The next step is crucial. This is to do with research, refine and rewriting of keywords for getting higher ranking during local language search. Our linguistic SEO specialists will research the popularity of all commonly used words in the local language search and applicable in your domain area. The selected keywords are integrated into the content for linguistic search engine optimization.

Website translation properly localised, speaks the language of customer and culturally connects with them in such a way that it is not seen as translated version, but a style and version in the language they can relate to as their own.

Why Multilingual SEO Is important?

More than 2,700 languages with over 7,000 dialects are spoken in the world. The internet space also has evolved in such a way that it has websites in different languages and localized websites for different locations. An interesting fact is only 25% of the internet content is in English. The rest is in different foreign languages. This gap is going to widen further with the presence of more and more vernacular languages. It is important for the businesses to tap this opportunity and create SEO optimized vernacular content.

The Internet has made it possible for small and medium businesses to obtain more business by giving them the opportunity to reach an international audience. If your website is available only in English, you can tap only 25% of the total internet users. The non-English users are not able to see you because you have not optimized your website content. Through multilingual SEO, you can choose their native language and position your website to rank on foreign search engines.

  • To advertise your products and services worldwide – If you want to reach out to the world with your products and services, then multi-lingual SEO is the first step you need to take.
  • Target the specific audience and markets – Unless you do not target the specific market and audience, it is very difficult to get the expected results and profits. It is precisely for this reason that you need to employ multi-lingual SEO services, as then you can reach out to your real audience and get real results for your business.
  • Increase the traffic to your site – Multi-lingual SEO helps you reach to a wider audience and thereby generate more traffic to your site. Increased traffic leads to better advertisement of your products and services and higher sales. This in turn will result in a better ROI.


Researching the keywords, images and other elements helps in refining and rewriting the web content to incorporate local customs and cultural norms. These help in speaking in customers’ language and culturally connecting with them. The chances of customers staying in your site vis a vis competition is also high due to locally acceptable web content.

Go International. Get your website translated for expanding your business in new potential and emerging markets where English is not the dominating language.

Benefits of Multilingual SEO

  • Target the right audience and local markets easily
  • Improve your ROI considerably
  • Market your products/services worldwide
  • Generate more traffic to the site.
  • Gives the business a competitive advantage.
  • Establish the brand globally.
  • Customer satisfaction and increase in the chance of a conversion

Our multilingual SEO services includes

  • Strategies for analyzing the search terms for specific countries
  • Competitor analysis for local market
  • Analysis of the search terms based on the language
  • Content Translation
  • Search Engine Optimization for obtained search terms

How Is Your Current SEO Campaign Performing?

Audit and Insights

Extremely vital part of the campaign

Complete web presence audit

Understanding business objectives

Detailed technical analysis

Structural Optimization

Building a solid foundation for you online

Making your website search-engine-friendly

Organic optimization all around the site

Content Development

The backbone of your SEO success

Long-form engagement-focused content

Comprehensive content research and ideation

Conversion optimization

Distribution and PR

Meaningful association with multiple high-authority websites

Voiced across major publications

Completely individualized strategy

Content placement optimization


What should you expect from the best SEO company in Bhilai, Chattisgarh?

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Our native search engine experts optimize your website according to the latest & most efficient techniques available for each specific foreign market. We make sure that our white hat SEO strategies always respect and adhere to the constantly changing dynamics of major search engines and directories.Our multilingual SEO experts perform an in-depth keyword analysis and competitor’s evaluation to define the most efficient strategy mapped to grow your business in a bigger global market.