Gateway Integration


Online payments have formed the technological backbone of rapidly expanding industries. From revolutionizing eCommerce to creating an impact on financial institutions at all levels, the dynamic changes in various industries have resulted in demand for an effective payment landscape.

Payment Gateway Integration is an essential part of any ecommerce site. Without a Payment Gateway one cannot think of making or receiving on-line payments. Payment Gateway basically refers to an e-commerce service that authorizes payments for e-businesses & online retailers. Payment gateways encrypt important information, such as credit card numbers, to make sure that information passes securely between the customer and the merchant.

If you are currently running an ecommerce website or else if you are planning to have an e-commerce website then payment gateway integration can act as lifeline for your online business. It plays a vital part in an ecommerce website as, without this, payment of goods and services purchased online cannot be made. Besides offering the main benefit of facilitating receipt of online payments, it offers other benefits too like safety and security. Payment gateway is of a great value and help because; once the payment is made the merchant and the customer gets instant information that the payment has been processed making the procedure transparent. It allows the merchants, to accept and process credit card transactions and have the money collected end up in your bank thus easing the whole process of payment collection.

The payment gateway will assist you to have:
  • Multi-currency, real time transactions though debit and credit cards
  • Online consumer authentication
  • Real time reporting and reconciliation
  • Custom payment solutions
  • Powerful fraud management system
  • Automatic recurring billing option
  • Alternative payment options

Here is how it works:

  • It allows customers easily making payment by using plastics card or online transactions
  • We have a team of professionals who are exposed to the best of the technologies for integrating solutions for online transactions
  • Our programmers are fully familiar with payment gateway integration and their APIs

Salient features of payment gateways integration:

  • Customized payment gateway integration
  • Multi-support payment gateway solutions
  • Multi-currency conversions
  • Secured payment
  • Real-time instant information about account

Advantages of integrating a payment gateway:

  • Our web experts have expertise in integrating all payment gateways.
  • Based on your requirements and preferences we try to complete the integration process within 24-48 hours of time.
  • We also make sure that the payment gateway solutions provided by us are compatible with all programming languages. Our portable scripts help us in offering our service in various scripting languages.
  • We provide various types of gateway payment solutions each involving varying amount of efforts at very affordable rates.
  • We make sure that the gateway payment solutions offered by us are secure and avoid any type of risk and lapse in online transactions.
  • With our list payment gateway integration solution we ensure that customers find your Ecommerce websites and shopping carts very friendly and reliable.
  • Enables your online store support all payment methods
  • Enabling multiple currencies enabling customers to shop across the world
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Optimizing the store the global standard

Which Payment Gateway Best?

Why Payment Gateway Integration?

Online payment gateways act as the POS (point-of-sale) terminal for online money transactions. Online payment gateway is a tool to authorize the online payments with multiple benefits such as:

  • It ensures the transactions
  • It applies the encryption on the sensitive information and online exchanges
  • It offers the flexible support for e-commerce business
  • It lets you collect payment easily and with the least efforts
  • It reduces the waiting time for cheque or DD type paper transaction methods
  • It also reduces geographical barriers across the nations and regions of the world
  • It lets you accumulate the instant information regarding the transaction on your dashboard in your account
  • You can avail the online payment receipts instantly

Best Payment Gateway API Integration Company

Klyia Technology, has a team of qualified, talented and skilled developers who have expertise in Payment Gateway Integration services and offer the best services and work hard to meet the expectations of the clients. Hire our developers today and get customized solutions as per your requirement.

Easier and faster transactions

Payment Gateway Integration process is developed with secured protocol applications in making transactions easier and faster. We provide such services that your Payment Gateway integration will be faster, flexible and easier to use.

Easy Payment Process

Payment gateway integration allows online shoppers to make easy and secure payments through their debit/credit cards. We develop such Payment Gateways in which the payment process is easier and flexible.

Customized Payment Gateway options

Apart from debit/credit cards, there are other customized payment options available too for paying online such as PayPal, Amazon Pay etc through which one can pay online. We put all these options in the payment section while creating the website which will give more payment options to the customers.

Variety of Payment Integration

Our team of dedicated developers uses a variety of advanced technology for the customers to get the best online shopping and payment experience.