E-commerce Web Design

Ecommerce is abbreviated for electronic commerce. It involves buying,  selling or trading, in general. The reason for the electronic part of it is that all of the commerce is done over the internet. There are several variants of e-commerce portal based on  the medium  used for the commerce. Mobile commerce is one such variant of it which employs conventional mobile or portable devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Whether it is an electronic fund transfer, mobile eCommerce, internet marketing/digital marketing or supply chain management, all of it falls under the e-commerce segment. Electronic data interchange is another form of e-commerce. So, the principle of operation of e-commerce lies on the World Wide Web as its backbone even for one transaction happening on it. However, there are concepts involved with e-commerce other than the World Wide Web  such as e-mail.

Do you have a business that involves transaction of funds? Are you an online retail company? If yes, then you will require an e-commerce system or website setup for your business to happen. Klyia Technology is one of the best e-commerce Website Design Company in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, help you to build an outstanding e-commerce online storefront that can enable you to engage thousands of customers on the go. You can easily turn visitors into customers at your fingertips by serving them with the product they need.

As we have skilled professionals who develop leading e-commerce solutions for your online business, as per the demand of your business. Our e-commerce web solution will keep your business ahead of your rivals and competitors as we develop it concisely and are fully focused and dedicated to our work.

Benefits of Ecommerce Web Development

  • Easy to manage and modify videos, images, add products with ease and thus are best to use.
  • Can exchange seaward by the methods for your web-based business site and consequently can produce expanded income from various nations.​
  • Best in navigation with creative e-commerce web design and fast ordering process by the company.​
  • Created on open-source platforms​
  • We provide the quality content to our clients which is fully SEO friendly.
  • We also give our clines chance to leave their feedback, as it helps to give us an idea of your services and products in the marketplace.

Ecommerce Website Design Services

Payment Gateway Integration

A secure and safe payment gateway used for credit card processing is necessary for any e-commerce based website which allows payment transaction to buy and sell goods, products or services online. We offer e-commerce Integration with most payment providers and shopping carts with particular expertise in PayPal, PayPal Pro, HSBC, hdfc, ICICI, paysignet, CCAvenue, EBS, transecute, Google checkout authorize.net and WorldPay integration. Our expertise also extends to include advanced eCommerce integration, including recurring and deferred payments, device-compatible, invisible and automated transaction processing.

Customizable Shopping Cart

We develop custom-made online shopping stores that are unique to each client. We have selected this approach as over the last many years we have found that each and every online shopping portal has its own unique characteristics based upon the business processes and the target audiences.

Multi Currencies Shopping Option

The online shopping cart has a facility to buy a product with an option to buy from a pre defined local currency based on the choice of country of the buyer. This allows the seller to decide the currency rates as applicable for the products and control the currency fluctuations.

Search Engine Friendly

We take special care and our search engine optimization team follows high-standards to making the entire online shopping website SEO friendly. This allows your products to be easily found by popular keywords of your choice which ensures maximum traffic to the e commerce based website.

Internet Marketing and Advertisement

Our approach provides end to end solution in promoting your products over the internet through effective internet marketing strategies coupled with mass mailing solutions to reach directly to your target audience.

Our development process includes:

Like any other website, e-commerce websites are created  with more functionalities, who are  highly experienced and specialized.  They handle with aplomb  site designing, consultations,  development, system integration, marketing, and after-sales service.

  • Planning– creating a sitemap and  a wire frame, and selecting the technology stack which includes  frameworks and programming language.
  • Designing– creating and reviewing layouts,  responding to your feedback, and modifying  the layout if required.
  • Content Writing and Assembly– creating content and preparing it for migration.
  • Coding– building and deploying the website, uploading the website to the server, and finally; testing and launching the website.
  • Maintaining and Regular Updating– adding user report system, fixing bugs, and keeping the website updated.
  • Information gathering– defining the website’s target audience and setting goals for the website.

We are Customer Centric

Leading E-Commerce Web design Company

A rare blend of experience, affordable pricing and unconditional 24*7*365 support makes us standout from our competitors. Experience helps us design & code perfectly, affordable pricing helps us offer pocket friendly services and our support wins client confidence.

Wide Experience

Experience shortens the development life cycle, enhances quality of deliverables & reduces cost.

Affordable Pricing

Technology is of no use unless it is affordable to small, medium businesses & startup companies.

Quick Support

When it comes to websites, support matters!! We are available 24*7*365 for our clients.

Klyia Technology are one of the Best Ecommerce Design and Development Company in Bhilai, Chattisgarh, as we record every single demand and requirement of our clients as a priority and offer them the service they want to have. We have a skillful team comprising information security specialists, web experts, and experienced web developers who understand the importance of high-security levels for an online business where personal information security is paramount. We use encryption along with advanced safety protocols to stop identity theft and to guarantee the complete security of transactions. So, take advantage of our successful experience in this field as we know about the latest trends what will be going to stun your online business.