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If you are planning to earn money through your website, then the best thing that you need to do is to very an excellent shopping cart solution. We at Klyia Technology, ensure to offer ecommerce website design plans that you would love it. With the help of our expert professionals, we are able to offer you an excellent choice of designing both standard and professional shopping cart software solution. Besides, depending on your business requirements and the level of customization solutions, we can offer unmatched shopping cart solution that would be of great end user experience.

A shopping cart hosting is a unique solution that provides you with hosting for your website through the servers of a shopping cart provider. As a business owner, you do not have to install or download all the e-commerce software as it is being taken care of by your shopping cart provider. By using a hosted shopping cart solution, you get the same level of personal service as you would with a web-developer, while at the same time using the great power of hosting from the shopping cart itself. It also includes the detailed control panel, which allows you to upload and promote your products, to set you discounts and deals, upload any necessary product information, add unique content to the website’s blog, determine payment options and shipping methods, etc. There is no need for you to be bothered with any code or concerned about the security of your web store. The shopping cart hosting platform does that all for you.

Nowadays, ‘ecommerce is associated with an incredibly lucrative market offering multiple opportunities to succeed for virtually any business. Essentially, this is far more than just selling and buying products or services online. While providing the easiest and most cost-effective way to reach you’re targeted client audience. Connect with your target audience and increase you sales with our effective yet economic shopping cart development services. Klyia Technology is successfully E-Commerce Shopping Cart Development Service Provider Company in Bhilai, Chattisgarh. Hire shopping cart developers from us to create a rebust online store for your product/services.


Most advanced Shopping Cart features all together.

Payment Options

Most visitors to online stores prefer to pay by credit card. If you want to use your ecommerce shopping cart software to process credit card transactions with a real-time payment gateway, you’ll have to open a merchant account.

Site Search & Browse

Visitors to online stores have a need for speed – and it starts with time-saving search. Consumers expect online stores to allow them to search for a product and quickly find the product they want. Customers also navigate via categories, along with browsing by price, category and brand distinctions. If your ecommerce shopping cart does not include a search feature for your site, your visitor may simply decide to look elsewhere.

Product Reviews

No matter how well online stores promote their own products, reviews by other customers will have a greater impact. In fact, 63% of consumers indicate that they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews, according to a study. Choose an ecommerce shopping cart that allows for product ratings and reviews – and let “word of mouth" work for you.

Wish List/Registry

Customers at online stores often buy gifts for special occasions, which is why many ecommerce shopping carts feature a registry option that makes the process easier. Also, so-called “wish lists" allow customers to save items at online stores and return at a later date to purchase those items. In general, when your ecommerce shopping cart allows your customers to manage their items the way they want, the result is higher satisfaction.

Real-Time Inventory

It’s a common complaint from those who frequent online stores — a customer goes through a lengthy process of placing an order, only to find out later that the item purchased wasn’t really in stock. Ecommerce shopping carts should allow for real-time inventory management, which ensures that what customers see on their screen is what’s actually available for delivery to their doorstep.

Express Checkout

The checkout process at many online stores can be as frustrating — if not more so — than standing in a long checkout line at a brick-and-mortar store. When visitors are ready to buy, your ecommerce shopping cart must make it as simple as possible. Some ecommerce shopping carts offer registered users an express checkout option, which pulls up their stored payment and billing info when they log in.

Order Tracking

An ecommerce shopping cart can help you keep customers informed every step of the way – even after their order is placed. Automated order confirmation emails and shipping notification emails build customer’s confidence in their purchase and in your brand. If a customer registers, they should be able to track their order by logging into an account created upon registration.

Special Offers

Looking for a way to woo new customers – or existing customers you haven’t seen in a while? Ecommerce shopping carts can help you promote special offers like order discounts, coupon codes, free shipping and gift cards. These offers serve a dual purpose -they encourage customers to take advantage of a “good deal" while also helping you compete in today’s competitive online marketplace.

Website Security

Choose an ecommerce shopping cart with built-in SSL data encryption for website security. When online stores display SSL Certificate seals on their home pages, customers feel confident that their personal information will be protected and are more likely to complete a purchase.

Why is Klyia Technology special?

ECommerce Solutions We Offer

100% Mobile Solution
The Storefront and admin are designed to be responsive and are optimized for various computer screen sizes as well as mobile and tablet devices to keep your eCommerce always at your fingertips
SEO Friendly eCommerce
The Storefront is effectively search engine optimized, to rank your site and product information top on google. The Mobile version is equally Google optimized.
No ownership cost
Klyia Technology is free to use. There is no startup, licensing, subscription or transaction fee involved and definitely no penalty in trying our software.
It’s easy to learn and simple to use
There is no special training or knowledge required to start selling your products online using Klyia Technology. The voice controlled and easy-to-use intuitive interface makes your eCommerce management a breeze.
Klyia Technology is equipped with many out-of-the-box enterprise grade features. We are continuously seeking ways to expand the software to improve your eCommerce experience
Innovative Technology
Klyia Technology shopping cart is powered by latest internet technologies and concepts, such as HTML5, Bootstrap, Jquery, AJAX, MVC, API and much more
Open source PHP
It is an open source application with high level of quality standards and great attention to details. You have access to your own clean and easy to manage code with community to support it.
API Enabled
Built with Storefront and Admin API to allow external integrations, you can connect to Klyia Technology easily with RestFul JSON API.
Perfect for Developers
Klyia Technology has a flexible and expandable architecture with clean and easy to follow code which makes coding more fun
Fast and Secure
It is a fast performing and low computer resource-consuming shopping cart application. Klyia Technology is a secure solution implemented with best industry practices and inline with PCI compliance.
Connected to Extensions
Marketplace is dedicated to provide vast variety of additional features to unlock more power. There is unlimited potential in your growing eCommerce
Outstanding Support
Help is available for your eCommerce and shopping cart 24/7. Our forum community is freely available for everyone. Need more, please contact us.
Payment Gateway Integration
We have huge expertise in payment gateway integration for eCommerce stores. They can integrate PayPal, Authorize.net, and others
Plugin & Module Development
Our expert dedicated developers excel at customizing and developing plugins and modules to add the desired functionality to your store.
Point Of Sale (POS) integration
We can integrate on-site POS software to make the payments easier via your merchant account.


Leading E-commerce Shopping Cart Company

It is very crucial for you to have an online shopping website that looks attractive, offers your buyers with easy payment options and takes care of security concerns. We have the experience team of developer’s skill to robust and scalable online stores. We also offer effective digital marketing to put your online store at the forefront and consequently push your sales up. Avail your online shopping cart development services to impress your target audience and establish a strong entity of your business on the web.

We develop custom e-commerce websites with online stores, shopping carts, shipping, checkouts and credit card processing. Our e-commerce websites sell virtually any product or service that typical e-commerce stores could not. Because our code is written from scratch, we are not bound by the limitations of any shopping cart software.

Our team of shopping cart developers has experience and knowledge to make your online business successful, we know the way the market moves and we can maximize your chances of success. We are ready to be your shopping cart development team and assist you in your goals to make your online business a winner.